How to Open .crdownload File

The extension of the .crdownload file name is exploited by the Google Chrome browser for files that are in the process of being downloaded. Typically, the .crdownload files are incomplete, so they won’t start if the user simply deletes the .crdownload extension.

If there are .crdownload files, and the browser doesn’t load anything, it could mean that there was a loading error during previous Google Chrome sessions. Although in most cases the browser will delete such failed downloads automatically, in some situations it may not do it (system error, unexpected power off, etc.). As a rule, such .crdownload files are useless, and they can be deleted. But it's better to start Google Chrome first and let it decide what to do with it before you start deleting it manually.

Whenever you download something using the Google Chrome browser, it creates a temporary .crdownload file containing already downloaded information and, as soon as the file is fully downloaded, it will automatically be renamed to its "original" name.

In some cases, with "departures" of the browser or download errors this may not happen and then you will have a .crdownload file on your computer, which is an incomplete download.

Open .crdownload in the conventional sense of this word won’t work if you aren’t an expert of the containers, the types of files and the ways to store data in them (and in this case, you will open partially any media file). However, you can try the following:

Launch Google Chrome and go to the download page.

Probably, there you will find not fully downloaded file, the download of which can be resumed (just the .crdownload files and let Chrome resume and pause your downloads). If the resume doesn’t work you can just download this file again, in addition, its address is shown in the "Downloads" of Google Chrome.

You can delete the .crdownload files at any time when you need it unless it's a download that is currently running. If you want to learn more information about this format of the file visit Wikiext. The articles on this site will answer all your questions.

There can be several "Not Confirmed" files in your download folder. .crdownload , which appeared during Chrome's failures a long time ago, and can take up a significant amount of space on the disk.

You can open the .crdownload files using the following programs:

VLC media player

VideoLan VLC player is one of the most multifunctional video players. The player includes a large number of codecs, it can play almost all video and audio formats. In addition, the player can broadcast video to the network, take video, show Internet TV. And all this is under the most common operating systems.

The video player has a standard interface. To deal with it isn’t difficult, but it’s also possible to download and install graphics skins. Using the built-in filters, you can improve the video image or impose a logo and much more.

VLC can be used to create your TV channel on a local network or the Internet. To implement this idea, the player can broadcast video to the network, as well as capture images from the video camera. VLC can also be exploited to view video from the network.

VLC can be used as a video player for broadcasting on advertising panels. For this, the player has built-in modules, so that other programs can manage it. The player also has a browser-based management interface.

For developers dealing with video files, VLC can be useful, because through it you can get a lot of additional information about the file and if the file was corrupted - to learn the detailed information.

VLC player has a large set of functions for working with media files. The player is easy to control and produces a positive impression.


The WinRAR archiver automatically recognizes the data format and determines the best compression method, and also contains a special optimized compression algorithm for executable programs, multimedia and object libraries. WinRAR provides full management of files in archives, including encryption, restoration of damaged archives, the creation of multi-volume and self-extracting archives and much more.

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Home Cinema a free multimedia player that will help you to reformat DVD and not only it. The program partially uses external codecs, so it can play almost any media file.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a multimedia player that supports a huge number of formats and has a wide range of functions. At the same time, the developers endowed it with only useful functions that will be useful for everyone. The main purpose of this player is to play video and music. The program is able to work with multiple monitors or a computer and a TV simultaneously. This utility includes all the necessary tools for reading corrupted AVI files, as well as fixing the jitter of the playing content. If you have a supported TV card, you can record video from the TV and play it on the user's computer.

There is a function to set the timer for recording, after which the PC will be automatically turned off. In addition, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is able to play content from DVDs. If necessary, subtitles can be included, which allows viewing clips in foreign languages. This player supports hotkeys, so that the usability increases at times. Also, there is a function for taking screenshots right during the movie. The interface of this program is translated into 14 languages. It is possible to expand the functionality of the player by adding plug-ins.

If you often play a variety of video and audio files, then there may be confusion about the content you have already watched. The developers took into account this problem and created a story, in which the last played media files are recorded. Thus, you will always know what you have already seen and what you have to learn. With the support of Enhanced Video Renderer, you can activate DXVA mode, which allows you to use hardware acceleration without any restrictions while viewing the content.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema has an intuitive interface that doesn’t contain anything superfluous. It is noteworthy that the utility provides correct operation with QuickTime and RealVideo formats. However, this video player has some drawbacks, such as lack of auto-tuning of brightness and contrast, and also there is a slight slowing down when playing "large" files. But despite this, this multimedia player is one of the best in its category, as it doesn’t require the purchase of a license.

The original mpc-hc.exe file is one of the components of the K-Lite Codec Pack software developed by the MPC-HC Team. Mpc-hc is an abbreviation for Media Player Classic Home Cinema.


Mpc-hc.exe is an executable program for Windows. The filename extension .exe is an abbreviation of «executable». It is necessary to run executable files from trusted software producers because executable files can potentially change the computer's settings or harm your computer. The file information forum can help you to find out if mpc-hc.exe is a virus, trojan, spyware, adware that you can remove, or a file belonging to ф Windows system or an application you can trust.

Dércia Silva
Posted by Dércia Silva on July 10, 2018

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